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Your Annual MOT Test

We now have four MOT testers. We also take MOT bookings on-line

A valid MOT test is a mandatory requirement for all vehicles three years old or over.

Your MOT receipt is proof that, at the time of the test, the vehicle has met the minimum condition required by the Department of Transport for roadworthiness. Your car’s details are held electronically on the VOSA database.

It is the owners responsibility to ensure that a vehicle is tested every 12 months. However, providing we are supplied with a valid email address or mobile number we will remind you just before your MOT is due to expire.

Without a valid MOT your vehicle will be considered to be un-road worthy and therefore, cannot be licenced for use on public roads and any motor insurance you have may also be invalid More importantly, if you plan to use your vehicle on the road, you are breaking the law, and if caught will be prosecuted and risk a hefty fine.

If your road tax has expired you can legally drive your vehicle directly to and from a test station for an MOT, provided you have valid insurance and you have previously booked in your car with full registration number.

An MOT test can now be carried out up to a 30 days before your current MOT expires.

During an MOT test we will:
Replace any bulbs free of labour charge that does not require the removal of items that hinder the removal of such bulbs. Certain vehicles may require headlamps to be removed which may entail the removal of bumpers, but this is very rare.
We will reset headlight alignment free of charge if required.
We will replace wiper blades free of labour charges and top up washer bottles should they be empty.
We will also remove any items that are dangling from the interior mirror and also remove sat navs and cameras from the windscreen, which would normally fail a test.
We offer a free retest providing the vehicle is returned to us within in the allotted ten working days allowed.

http://www.direct.gov.uk is a useful site where you can find plenty of further information.